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Nov 2016
Ed Durlacher private recordings
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Do Si Do in New York's Grand Central Park to the calls of Ed Durlacher, who held reign as one of the most unique Square Dance Callers of all time.
His talk-through dance approach brought smiles to 10's of thousands of common folk introduced to Square Dancing over the over the years.
Durlacher took his Top Hand orchestra into the recording studio for a series of commercial recordings for use in small groups.  However in the 1950's the Society of European Stage Authors and Composers,  recorded a library of Durlacher dances. These recordings were never released to the public.
I obtained copies of these recordings in order to preserve and digitize them for all to enjoy and download for posterity.
The dances as noted on the recording logs indicated the music used which you will find on the track list.

Durlacher Set 501 2

1; The girl I left behind, music same
2; Dip and dive the hall, music Jolly Coppersmith
3; Chain waltz quadrille, music You tell me your dream
4; Chase the rabbit, music Pigtown hoedown, Devils dream
5; Loch Lomand, music Loch Lomand, Campbells are coming
6; Duck for the Oyster, music Wait for wagon, Farmer in dell
7; yankee Doodle, music Yankee Doodle, Tramp tramp tramp
8; Captain Jinks, music same
9; Honolulu baby, music Spanish cavalier, Ay Ay Ay
10; Push her away, music White Cockade

I will be posting each set as a file for easy reference and archive retrieval.

Don Ward
recordings copyright under terms of: CV 15-06257 PA-AGR and  may not be used for commercial purposes without permission,

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