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Posted in DefaultTag by squaredance at 12:59 pm

A visit to the master tape archive turned up this saught after version of Red Wing.

The dance has 32 bar intro and closer and 4 x 48 bar figures in succession (no middle break)

The file is mp3 192 bit resolution. Should you want a wav file to do your own editing drop me an email and I'll post one.

Enjoy the dance

don ward

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Posted in DefaultTag by squaredance at 11:36 pm

Music is what drives square dancing............ but using the same style over and over can get stale.

For a change of pace try some real Scottish tunes and watch the floor come alive. Be it a jig or reel the feel  makes your feet want to get with the distinctive sound and beat.

This set includes four of my favorites for squares or contras;Cumberland Reel, Duke of Pirth Reel, Teviot Brig Jig and Donegal a square dance tune recorded by the Windsor label Sundowners band.

Go ahead turn it up and enjoy the change of pace

Don Ward

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Posted in DefaultTag by squaredance at 10:29 pm

The call went out for Hawiian square dance tunes....... well this is kinda in keeping with the theme.

We used to all sing the last 4 bars while we promenaded home,  "well sing and dance on the way home, down where the trade winds blow".

Music is by The sundowners band on the Windsor label. Windsor used the studios of C.P.MacGregor in hollywood which recorded transcriptions for radio station music and programs. All Windsor music was recorded on 1/2 wide magnet tape with 4 individual instrumental tracks. Ampex 440 tape decks were used with excellent quality as you will hear from this half century old recording.

Have fun with this oldie but goodie ..............    don ward the musicman

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Posted in DefaultTag by squaredance at 1:45 am

Here to enjoy is the last set of Ed Durlacher private recordings I unearthed.

This like the previous sets was not intended to serve as dance length, but as historical examples of a unique style of Square Dance calling and useable music.

I would encourage everyone  who is interested in a rich trove of historical recordings to download this series.

here is the track list of the dances in this set.

Ed Durlacher set 513 14
Dance titles are followed by music played

Take a peek, Casey Jones
Chain and swing, Four and twenty
Grange hall, Teds reel
Red river valley, same
Right hand lady, Irish washerwoman
Circle 4 6 8, Johnnys down by river
Right and left hand ladies chain, Honest John
Around the outside, I wonder
Santa Hill progression, Speed the plow
Flower waltz quadrille, Flower waltz
Head couples circle half, P appy
Ladies chain, same

Don Ward CR 2/17

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From the archives of Society of European Stage Actors and Composers recordings of American Folk Music and dances, this series of recordings has been resurrected to be shared over half a century after they were recorded.


Ed Durlacher set 511-12
Dance titles are followed by music played

Figure of 8, Mr Al
Nellie Blye, same
Lancers, same
Jolly Miller,  same
Tempest, same
Chasse the Hall, American Patrol, William tell
Marching through Georgia, same
Do Si Do and swing, Chester
Firemans Reel, same
Shoo Fly, same
Cheat or swing, Smash the window
Wearing of the green, same

Save and enjoy, Don Ward

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From historical private recordings I bring you more of the unique Square Dance style of Ed Durlacher.

Ed Durlacher set 505-6 Library of American folk dances

1; Pop goes weasel, music same/Farmer in dell
2; Texas star, Lamplighters hornpipe
3; Oh Susanna,  music same
4; Head ladies cross over,  Sailing
5; Grapevine twist, Rig a Jig Jig, when Johnny comes marching home
6; Forward 6 and back, Camptown races
7; Heads and sides, Haste to wedding
8; Looby Loo, same
9; Bird in cage, Mulberry bush/A hunting we will go
10; She'll be coming round the mountain, same

Theres more to come.............

don ward

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Posted in DefaultTag by squaredance at 10:35 pm

Ed Durlacher 503-4 "American Folk Music and Dances"

1; Billy Boy / Billy boy
2; Three ladies chain / Soldiers Joy
3; Standard waltz quadrille / Couple down center, By Bonnie,      
      Where has my little dog gone, Hi Lee hi lo, Band played on
4; Cut off six / Little brown jug
5: Swingeroo / Kingdom come
6; Buffalo gals / Buffalo gals
7; Jingle bells / Jingle bells, Auld lang syne
8; Quaker Hill / Rakes of Mallow
9; Pass her by / Solomon Levi, Kerry dance
10: London bridge /  London bridge

Here is another of the Durlacher private recordings from the 1950s.

By the response I seemed to have uncovered a treasure trove of recordings for their historical value.

Happy listening  and there are more to come

Don Ward

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Posted in DefaultTag by squaredance at 1:04 am

Do Si Do in New York's Grand Central Park to the calls of Ed Durlacher, who held reign as one of the most unique Square Dance Callers of all time.
His talk-through dance approach brought smiles to 10's of thousands of common folk introduced to Square Dancing over the over the years.
Durlacher took his Top Hand orchestra into the recording studio for a series of commercial recordings for use in small groups.  However in the 1950's the Society of European Stage Authors and Composers,  recorded a library of Durlacher dances. These recordings were never released to the public.
I obtained copies of these recordings in order to preserve and digitize them for all to enjoy and download for posterity.
The dances as noted on the recording logs indicated the music used which you will find on the track list.

Durlacher Set 501 2

1; The girl I left behind, music same
2; Dip and dive the hall, music Jolly Coppersmith
3; Chain waltz quadrille, music You tell me your dream
4; Chase the rabbit, music Pigtown hoedown, Devils dream
5; Loch Lomand, music Loch Lomand, Campbells are coming
6; Duck for the Oyster, music Wait for wagon, Farmer in dell
7; yankee Doodle, music Yankee Doodle, Tramp tramp tramp
8; Captain Jinks, music same
9; Honolulu baby, music Spanish cavalier, Ay Ay Ay
10; Push her away, music White Cockade

I will be posting each set as a file for easy reference and archive retrieval.

Don Ward
recordings copyright under terms of: CV 15-06257 PA-AGR and  may not be used for commercial purposes without permission,

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Posted in DefaultTag by squaredance at 2:43 pm

Treat your dancers to a musical cruise, Down Where The Trade Winds Blow, along with the Sundowners band.
The melody is infectious, the beat moves your feet and you can ride the phrase all way through.
Another refurbished dance tune ready to lift the floor.
don ward

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Posted in DefaultTag by squaredance at 3:09 pm

Here's 2 great singing calls for your dancers.
Totally refurbished (response 40hz-10khz) Jack Barbour and Rhythm Rustlers, Sugar Time and 8 More Miles to Louisville.
Almost any 32 bar singing call figure will work with these 2 straight forward tunes. Take one of your favorite figures and give it a new life with this great music.
Hope you enjoy.  I'll be be posting more in the coming weeks. 

*copyright july 2016 as new recordings by Don Ward. Free dance use is allowed.

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