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Dec 2016
Durlacher sqyare dances revisited via private recordings 506-6
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From historical private recordings I bring you more of the unique Square Dance style of Ed Durlacher.

Ed Durlacher set 505-6 Library of American folk dances

1; Pop goes weasel, music same/Farmer in dell
2; Texas star, Lamplighters hornpipe
3; Oh Susanna,  music same
4; Head ladies cross over,  Sailing
5; Grapevine twist, Rig a Jig Jig, when Johnny comes marching home
6; Forward 6 and back, Camptown races
7; Heads and sides, Haste to wedding
8; Looby Loo, same
9; Bird in cage, Mulberry bush/A hunting we will go
10; She'll be coming round the mountain, same

Theres more to come.............

don ward

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