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Jan 2017
The Ed Durlacher calling style 513 14
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Here to enjoy is the last set of Ed Durlacher private recordings I unearthed.

This like the previous sets was not intended to serve as dance length, but as historical examples of a unique style of Square Dance calling and useable music.

I would encourage everyone  who is interested in a rich trove of historical recordings to download this series.

here is the track list of the dances in this set.

Ed Durlacher set 513 14
Dance titles are followed by music played

Take a peek, Casey Jones
Chain and swing, Four and twenty
Grange hall, Teds reel
Red river valley, same
Right hand lady, Irish washerwoman
Circle 4 6 8, Johnnys down by river
Right and left hand ladies chain, Honest John
Around the outside, I wonder
Santa Hill progression, Speed the plow
Flower waltz quadrille, Flower waltz
Head couples circle half, P appy
Ladies chain, same

Don Ward CR 2/17

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