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May 2014
Ed Gilmore, 1958 club dance excerpt
Posted in DefaultTag by squaredance at 11:08 pm

Thanks to an amateur tape recording we can once again hear  an example of  why  Ed Gilmore  was so popular in the early years of  Western Square Dancing.
In  the first dance Ed  has  alerted that one more couple was needed in a square.....  then he starts the music and again  calls for one more couple...........and with out a pause  launches into the first dance. He doesnt  keep the floor standing for one stray couple.....  get up and dance thats what your here for.
Ive also called attention to some other traits  in my podcast introduction that will be of interest.
For the technically minded the info on the box  indicates a Pentron recorder, 3.75 ips mono  track  recording on Scotch 111A  acetate recording tape. Surprising quality recovered from a tape  55 years old.
Yours to enjoy, a dance tip with Ed Gilmore 

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