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Nov 2016
Ed Durlacher, American Folk Dances
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Ed Durlacher 503-4 "American Folk Music and Dances"

1; Billy Boy / Billy boy
2; Three ladies chain / Soldiers Joy
3; Standard waltz quadrille / Couple down center, By Bonnie,      
      Where has my little dog gone, Hi Lee hi lo, Band played on
4; Cut off six / Little brown jug
5: Swingeroo / Kingdom come
6; Buffalo gals / Buffalo gals
7; Jingle bells / Jingle bells, Auld lang syne
8; Quaker Hill / Rakes of Mallow
9; Pass her by / Solomon Levi, Kerry dance
10: London bridge /  London bridge

Here is another of the Durlacher private recordings from the 1950s.

By the response I seemed to have uncovered a treasure trove of recordings for their historical value.

Happy listening  and there are more to come

Don Ward

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